Apple Authorized Service Providers in Singapore

Our clients have commented on the bad service offered by the Apple Authorized Service Providers. One said that they quoted him for a a logicboard replacement costing over $900 SGD. When they came to our shop, we discovered that a small removable component costing $200 was spoilt, not the logicboard.

Another client said her brand new 2 week old Macbook Air’s OS X was corrupted. The Apple Authorized Service Provider QCD wanted to charge for reinstallation of software, even though her Mac was under warranty. They claimed that Mac’s warranty only covered hardware but not software.

One other customer sent in his Macbook Pro Retina to another Apple Authorised Service Provider for a check. When he brought it in to us at Mac Plus, I was appalled to discover that some internal screws were missing and the internal rubber fan linings were gone.

The truth is, Apple Authorised Service Providers are not run by Apple themselves. They are run by third parties who are authorised by Apple. In Singapore, we do not have Apple Stores and Apple geniuses to provide the level of service Apple is known in countries like the States.

We are not Apple Authorised Service Providers, but we are able to secure original Apple parts and brand new logicboard replacements. At Mac Plus, we provide professional and reliable Mac repairs and upgrade services. We have a fast turnaround time ranging from on-the-spot, same day, or 1-3 days depending on the issue. We also do Mac repairs at our your residential address for an additional fee.

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