Mac repair and upgrade service

Mac Plus is a reliable Mac repairs and service conceived out of a desire to provide quality services to Mac users. We understand that Macs  are quality investments that users have made and they depend on them for work and study. Minimal disruption is of utmost importance to users in the event their Macs and iPhones break down. Mac Plus is borne out of that desire to fulfil that need.

We are different from run-of-the-mill large repair centres that provide impersonal services. We pride ourselves in providing reliable Mac repairs, diagnosis, and personalised services. We provide advice on repair and upgrade options tailored to your needs.

Mac Plus is staffed by people who use Macs, and love Macs. You can be assured that your Mac is in good hands.


Our founder has 22 years of experience as a hobbyist in troubleshooting computers since his teenage years. His love for Macs and all things Apple began when he owned his first white Macbook in his university days as a Psychology major. Mac Plus started out as a hobby when he saw the gap in the Mac repairs and upgrade industry. Many Mac users were not able to find reliable Mac repairs and upgrades and often have to turn to Apple Authorised Service Centres that charge premium rates or meander their way through a myriad of numerous unknown repair shops without knowing whether their Macs will be well taken care of.

Owning to his previous work life as a therapist, ethics has been the core values Mac Plus is based upon. Mac Plus has since grown to a sustainable business with rave reviews by customers on Facebook and Google.


We have served customers from various industries with different needs. Students with urgent and important assignments, photographers with specific high-end products, graphic designers needing urgent repairs to work on their graphics work, and executives have trusted us with their Macs for reliable and fast turn-around repairs and data recovery. Below is a non-exhaustive list of works we have done for some customers.


John Lassen, CEO, Hoya Optics

N. Shankar, CEO, Vinsight Maritime

Irwin See, Managing Director, Irwin’s Study


Yeo Wee Han, Owner, Tripeaks imagery

Jason Quah, Photographer, The Straits Times


Abby Lim, Owner, Absolution Private Limited

Stella Lim, Marketing Executive

Graphics Design

Cassandra Koh, Graphics designer

Khoo Ruifen, Graphics designer

Shermin Sim, Graphics designer