Water Damage

Spilled liquid on your Mac? We can revive it by chemical cleaning and component level repair.

We advise you to bring your Mac to us at the earliest possible opportunity. Do not attempt to switch on your Mac, charge it, leave it to dry, or put it in rice. Leaving it to dry allows corrosion to happen.

We specialise in repairing Macs with liquid spills. We will perform a chemical clean of the Mac’s main component using a industrial cleaning machine to remove corrosion. The components are then rinsed with 100% alcohol to remove any excess water. It is then blown dry using an industrial blower, examined for needed component level repairs, repaired, and reassembled onto your Mac.

We are different from other repair centres that perform repairs without the use of chemical cleaning. Doing so may allow corrosion to happen in the future. Some of the centres also do not do component level repairs. They can only swap out the mainboard of your Mac, which increases the cost of your repair.

Water damaged Macbook repairs Data recovery1. Disassembly, Chemical Clean

Mac is disassembled. Chemical cleaning is performed on corroded components.

rinse2. Rinse

Components are rinsed with alcohol to flush out excess water to prevent further corrosion.

Water damaged Macbook repairs and Data recovery 3. Repair and reassembly

Components that need repairs are repaired, and assembled back to your Mac.

Data Recovery

We are able to perform data recovery from hard drives of Macbooks and iMacs with corrupted data or crashed hard disks. For minor issues, the data recovery is done in-house at Mac Plus. For major issues, your drive will be sent to our partner laboratories.

We now have the capability to recover data from spoilt beyond repair MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13″ A1706 and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 15″ A1707 2016 to 2017 models with our newly acquired proprietary Data Transfer Device that is not available to the public.

This means that we might be the only independent Mac service centre in Singapore to offer data recovery for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13″ A1706 and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 15″ A1707 that were released in 2016 and 2017 that are beyond repair. Without the Apple Data Transfer Device, Data recovery for MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 13″ and 15″ models is impossible due the on-board design of the solid-state drive on which data is stored.

Read more about it here.


Minor Corruption Issues: $340+

Issues that are not due to the mechanical failure of the hard drive can be diagnosed on the spot. We will be able to provide a quote, and a screenshot of the files that can be recovered before proceeding with the repair. Retrieval of the data takes between 4 – 16 hours depending on the extent of the issue and the amount of data.

Mechanical Failure issues: $600+

Data recovery for issues due to mechanical failure of the drive will be done at our partner labs.

Process for Major Issues

1. A flat rate admin and diagnostic fee of $140 will be charged.
2. Your hard disk will be couriered to our partner labs.
3. A quotation will be given to you within 1-3 days. You will be given login access to a server to view the recoverable files, or a document detailing the files that can be recovered.
4. The recovery process takes 1-3 days, depending on the amount of data

All data will be kept confidential and will be wiped from our hard drives and servers after the data is retrieved.