Yet another black sheep repair shop

As we do Mac repairs as well, there’s a conflict of interest when we name other industry players with less honourable ethics so we can’t name them, lest we are accused of shaming our competitors. We only share the experiences of our customers because we feel that customers should be warned of such places.

This particular black sheep repair shop has 3 star ratings on their Facebook and their webpage lists several temporary operating locations in central and eastern areas of Singapore. It is helmed by foreigners.

My customer called to ask for advice regarding a Macbook Air repair that has water spillage that was supposedly repaired by that particular shop. He was charged $200+ for the repair, but after a few days, the Macbook Air was not able to charge. When we went back to the shop, they told him there was nothing further they could do because the logicboard was damaged and it needed a new logicboard, and the amount he was charged was not refundable.

I advised the customer to go back to ask for a refund instead of persuading him to bring his Macbook Air down for a repair with us as I did not want him to end up paying more for repairs without first closing his case with the first repair shop.

Another of our regular customer went to them to repair her Mac. She had forgotten that she had gotten her Mac serviced by us before and was satisfied with our service. She said she would have brought her Mac to us but went to them as she had forgotten about Mac Plus in her haste to get her Mac repaired. The company in question wanted to format her flash drive, citing that it had issues, even though the flash drive was not the component that she had gone there for repairs for.

Yet another customer called us to ask if we could diagnose his Macbook Pro Retina, as his computer could not start after speaker replacement done by the shop and they did not know what was wrong.

At Mac Plus, rest assured all our repairs comes with a no-repair, no-charge guarantee. Diagnosis is always free for preliminary checks. If further intensive diagnosis needs to be performed, we will inform you of the fees beforehand.