Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Mac Plus. Let us explain how we collect, use, and store your information.

Collection and Use of Personal Information

You may be asked to provide your personal information when you are in contact with Mac Plus. In the event you choose not to disclose any information, we may not be able to provide services or contact you regarding queries you may have.

  • Your information will be used solely by Mac Plus and her affiliates to provide better service, as a means to contact you, and for warranty purposes. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties such as advertising or marketing agencies.
  • We may use your personal information to verify your identity, such as in the case of providing services for products under warranty, or when we are required by law to keep a copy of your NRIC for sale of used electronic devices to Mac Plus.
  • We may use your information to keep you posted on important notices, such as changes in Mac Plus’s contact details and operating addresses.
  • We will not send out unsolicited marketing materials to your mobile numbers and email addresses without your prior consent.
  • Your contact information is kept on our Mac which is password protected.

Access and Use of Data Residing Your Mac

The data on your Mac resides in a either a Hard Disk, or Solid-State Drive component. If you are concerned about the privacy of your data, we are able to extract and return the hard disk or solid-state drive drive in your Mac to you before proceeding with any repairs. However, if you choose to retain the drive with you, we will not be able to ascertain if your drive is in working condition or if the the operating system residing in it is operable.

  • We may ask you for your login password and Apple ID account in order to check that your software works with your Mac after repairs or logicboard replacements.
  • Your information will be used solely by Mac Plus and her working partners for the purpose of testing the stability of your Mac after repairs are made.
  • For most repairs, we will not be accessing your data. Mac Plus will use our own external boot drives to boot into your system for checks without requiring the use of your login account.
  • Private content such as photos, and document files will not be accessed unless in the event of data recovery.
  • In the event where we perform data recovery services, we will randomly open not more than 10 photos and documents in order to ensure that the data recovered is in a usable state.
  • The information recovered from your Mac will be erased immediately after you have ascertained that the data recovered is satisfactory.

Data on Components Received by Mac Plus for Resale, Donation or Recycling

  • Hard Drives, Solid-State Drives, and Flash drives that are working will be formatted by Mac Plus before they are sold, reused by Mac Plus for our work, or donated.
  • Data on storage media can also be sanitised through 1-7 pass secure erase that makes data retrival very difficuly even with data recovery software for free for media given to Mac Plus upon request
  • Items designated for recycling will be securely erased by our recycling partners or destroyed at their discretion.

Privacy Questions

If you have any concerns about Mac Plus’s Privacy Policy, please contact us. Mac Plus may update its Privacy Policy from time to time. A notice will be posted on our website with the updated Privacy Policy.