Blog post by a pleasant lady customer detailing her experience with Mac Plus. Thank you for your appraisal!

There are not many reviews of Mac repair services in Singapore. We are therefore pleasantly surprised by a blog post written by an nice lady praising and detailing her experience with repairing her Macbook Air trackpad with us. She is a foreigner working in Singapore and was concerned about finding a reliable Mac repair service as well as finding her way to the place. She decided to choose Mac Plus as her service provider due to the friendly response she got from us which set her mind at ease about us being a rip-off.

Well, before we started our business, we too were concerned about being conned by repair shops so we can understand customers’ concerns. We are glad she find us helpful enough to post a review on her blog. As a small startup we are thankful her support and to every customer that walks through our door. Some customers have asked why do I say us when the only technician they see is me, as if it is a one-man-show-operation. Well, that’s because our partners have not come into the picture, or shown their faces, yet.

We are thankful that foreigners who aren’t sure of their way gets helped. It can be a harrowing experience to find a reliable Mac repair service. Her post is written in March 2015. We are posting the link here since our page has moved to her new location.

It’s written in Chinese.

Here is the link to her post:


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