Recommendation of Speakers for your Mac – Audioengine A2

Macbook speakers replacement

Audioengine A2

Recently, we have replaced a few Macbook speakers for some customers. The speakers were spoilt due to wear and tear. To avoid Macbook speakers replacement, the best option is to use external desktop speakers for your audio enjoyment. Macbook speakers have smaller domes, which are susceptible to wear and tear. Besides producing better sound, good desktop Macbook speakers also can last for possibly a decade. The Altec Lansing speakers we had lasted for 10 years before it spoilt.

A good pair of speakers that many raved about are the Audioengine A2s. A revised version with a built-in DAC, the A2+ are now being sold instead. The speakers are mid-range multimedia speakers that cross into the audiophile grade. They are encased in glossed MDF wood cabinets, unlike ordinary plastic speakers. They also come with Kevlar woofers and silk-dome tweeters. The RCA and Mini-Jack inputs are gold-plated.

They need a recommended 100 hours of burn-in to sound well, and you need to tweak the setup, such as spacing them equally apart, raising the height to your ear-level, or titling them upwards with speaker stands.

They are available in Gloss White or Black. Comes with 3 years 1-1 exchange warranty. Google for reviews. See for more information.

They are available at Horizon Acoustics at Upper Bukit Timah Road Beauty World Centre and Decibel at Sim Lim Square stock them. Google for their contact details.

Macbook Pro Retina sound distortion

A number of customers have been experiencing Macbook Pro Retina sound distortion issues. Although the Macbook Pro Retina has distinctively louder and better sound speakers resulting in better sound quality, the slimness of the Macbook Pro Retina has resulted in speakers which have slim designs and speaker cones which wear down over time.

Some Apple users have reported that their speakers distort at maximum volume. Our opinion is that any speaker, even the best ones distort at maximum volume, so it is always a good idea not to max out your Mac’s volume. We recommend that you get external speakers for your Mac though. We at Mac Plus use Audio Engine A2+ speakers. They are popular entry level speakers that are popular with Mac users.

Some other recommendations can be found at our founder’s blog at Musings About Life – Sound Category

Macbook Pro Retina speakers typically only spoil after 2 years or more, so most users hoping to get them repaired within the warranty period are out of luck. Macbook Air and iMac speakers do not seem to be affected.

Macbook Pro Retina Sound Distortion

Macbook Pro Retina 15″ Speakers for Mid 2012 – 2014

Pictured above are the speaker replacements for Macbook Pro Retina 15″ Speakers for Mid 2012 – 2015. We have them in stock and they come in a pair. Our stock are sold to us in pairs so we replace both speakers instead of just the affected piece. The speakers go through wear and tear so it is advisable to change both the speakers anyways.

We are able to do Macbook speakers replacements for Macbook Pro Retina 13″ Late 2013 – 2015 models, as well as Macbook Pro 13″ unibody A1278. Contact us for pricing details and stock availability if you are experiencing MacBook Pro Retina sound distortion issues.

Installation takes around 10 mins.

Blog post by a pleasant lady customer detailing her experience with Mac Plus. Thank you for your appraisal!

There are not many reviews of Mac repair services in Singapore. We are therefore pleasantly surprised by a blog post written by an nice lady praising and detailing her experience with repairing her Macbook Air trackpad with us. She is a foreigner working in Singapore and was concerned about finding a reliable Mac repair service as well as finding her way to the place. She decided to choose Mac Plus as her service provider due to the friendly response she got from us which set her mind at ease about us being a rip-off.

Well, before we started our business, we too were concerned about being conned by repair shops so we can understand customers’ concerns. We are glad she find us helpful enough to post a review on her blog. As a small startup we are thankful her support and to every customer that walks through our door. Some customers have asked why do I say us when the only technician they see is me, as if it is a one-man-show-operation. Well, that’s because our partners have not come into the picture, or shown their faces, yet.

We are thankful that foreigners who aren’t sure of their way gets helped. It can be a harrowing experience to find a reliable Mac repair service. Her post is written in March 2015. We are posting the link here since our page has moved to her new location.

It’s written in Chinese.

Here is the link to her post:


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