The Truth Behind Macbook Pro Retina LCD Replacements

Macbook Pro Retina LCD replacement. One of the Mac repair many Mac owners would not want to do. Such a replacement may be needed due to a cracked LCD caused usually by accidental drops. The repair is expensive. What is worse still is that there are varying prices and options presented by different Mac repairers. Repairs can range from $400 to $1000, depending on the quality of the LCD, the skills of the technician replacing your screen, whether you get the LCD replacement from independent repairers or with Apple Authorised Service Providers, and whether the LCD is an an OEM part, or original Apple part.

In this article, we will show you the different kinds of LCD replacements available and how to decide which kind to go for if your Macbook Pro Retina LCD is spoilt. Let us first understand the construction of a Macbook Pro Retina LCD assembly. These kinds of LCD assembly are used in the Macbook Pro Retina 13″ and 15″ from 2012 – 2016, as well as the Macbook 12″ with Retina display.

There are 3 kinds of LCD replacements in the market – 1. OEM inner LCD replacement, 2.OEM LCD assembly replacement, and 3.original LCD assembly replacement . The image below shows the construction of the Macbook Pro Retina LCD. The Macbook Pro LCD assembly actually consists of 3 separate components – the Macbook Pro top aluminium cover, a backlight and a LCD panel. See the picture below.seperatecrosssection1. OEM inner LCD replacement

In a situation where the LCD is not badly cracked, an OEM inner LCD replacement can be done. In this kind of repair, only the outer LCD panel is changed. The cracked LCD panel heated and loosened from the strong LCD sticky tape that adheres the LCD panel to the aluminium cover. A replacement LCD is then glued and assembled back. No matter what your repair shop says, such repairs will always use OEM LCD screens manufactured by third parties. Some of these third parties may be companies manufacturing for Apple, but they are strictly considered non-original, though the resolution is the same as the original and the colour reproduction is quite similar. Such a repair requires an experienced technician with fine micro-motor skills, as any puncture of the backlight by the cracked glass shards of the LCD might result in imperfections to the finished replacement. Any puncture of the backlight will be exhibited as white light streaks when the LCD is turned on.


  • Cheapest type of repair
  • Same resolution as an original Apple Retina display


  • When the backlight is not adjusted well, there might be visible slight light leak at the corners of the LCD
  • Colour gamut is not as wide as the original LCD
  • Might have brightness variation from the original
  • Not suitable for severely cracked LCDs

2. OEM LCD assembly replacement

These kind of LCD assembly replacements comes with an OEM LCD panel pre-assembled onto the aluminium covers. The covers are usually sourced from Macs with spoilt LCD panels. The LCD panels are removed from the old Macbook Po Retina LCD assemblies, and are replaced with new OEM LCDs.

It is suitable for customers who want to have new aluminium covers as their Mac has very badly dented and unsightly aluminium covers, or that their Macs have very badly cracked or shattered LCDs. The prices are higher than OEM inner LCD replacements, and depending on where the repairer sources their parts from, such parts also might suffer the same issues as inner LCD replacements, namely colour and brightness variation as well as light leak issues. We have observed that some of these LCDs have light leak from the Facetime cameras, resulting in purple tinges in the photos or videos being taken with the Facetime cameras. Some unethical repair shops pose off such reassembled LCD assemblies as original Apple LCD assemblies to earn higher margins.


  • Mint condition aluminium covers
  • Same resolution as an original Apple Retina display


  • When the backlight is not adjusted well, there might be visible slight light leak at the corners of the LCD
  • Colour gamut is not as wide as the original LCD
  • Might have brightness variation from the original
  • Light leak from Facetime cameras resulting in purple tinge in videos and images
  • Unethical repair shops pose off such reassembled LCD assemblies as original Apple LCD assemblies

3. Original Apple LCD assembly replacement

These are the best type of replacements. Original Apple LCD assembly replacements are new, untampered with, and has the exact colour gamut , brightness and resolution of the Retina LCDs that comes with Macbook Pro Retina that are sold in Apple stores. These assemblies are from Apple’s factories and have protective films on the front and back of the LCD assembly.


Original Macbook Pro Retina LCD

Notice that such assemblies comes with serial numbers, barcodes, quality control stickers (Gamma PASS), and protective plastic coverings for the LCD cable. They also come with new rubber pads that adheres to the inner LCD hinge.

There are also some original Macbook Pro Retina LCD assemblies that do not come with such stickers. LCD assemblies that do not come with serial number stickers might also be original Apple parts, except that they are procured from different sources which we are not at liberty to reveal.


  • Original resolution, colour gamut and brightness
  • Your dented aluminium cover is replaced with a new one
  • Perfect rubber trim
  • Usually does not have purple fringe issues


  • Expensive

So how do can we tell if the LCD panel replaced by a Mac repairer is original or not? There are 3 ways you can tell if the LCD assembly a shop offers you is original. The price, whether there are serial number stickers and protective plastic caps for the LCD and WiFi cables, the brightness adjustment and automatic brightness sensors.

1. Price

Price is not the most accurate indicator, but a low price definitely means the LCD replacement is a re-assembled part, even if they replace the entire aluminium cover. Original Macbook Pro Retina 13-inch assemblies typically costs $660 – $750. Original Macbook Pro Retina 15-inch LCD assemblies typically ranges from $750 – $850.

Shops that do replacements at $750 for a 13-inch and $850 for a 15-inch might be a ripoff, but any repair shop that offers an original brand new Apple Macbook Pro 13-inch LCD assembly at a price lower than $660 might be replacing a re-assembled OEM LCD assembly. The cover is probably not brand new but looks as good as new, and the inner LCD itself is an OEM part. That said, Apple Authorised Service Providers do replacements at around $1,000, so any shop that offers a lower price would already be a good deal in a sense.

2. Presence of LCD stickers, barcodes and protective plastic caps on LCD cable connector and WiFi antenna connectors

Original Apple Retina LCD assemblies may not come with such labels and plastic caps, but those that do have them, especially when all the mentioned parts are present, are most likely original.

3. Brightness Adjustment and Automatic Brightness Sensors

The brightness of OEM LCDs tend to be brighter than the original LCDs even at the lowest brightness setting. Brightness adjustments of original LCDs are very minute whereas for OEM LCDs, the brightness will suddenly change from very visible to totally dark, when the brightness is at the lowest visible setting. OEM LCDs may also not adjust the brightness of the LCD quickly even when the automatic brightness setting is set in the System Preferences>Displays>Automatically adjust brightness. One way to test whether a screen is original or not would be to cover the entire Facetime camera with your hand. The brightness of Original Apple LCDs will swiftly dim once the sensor right beside the Facetime camera is covered up.

We know of repair shops who do not tell their customers the LCDs they are replacing are OEM parts. In fact some shops only have OEM LCD inner replacement services or OEM LCD assemblies. Do be careful when choosing a LCD replacement for your Macbook Pro Retina.

Of course, we unabashedly will recommend you give us a try if you have a Macbook that needs a screen replacement.

Macbook Air Mid 2013 – Early 2015 SSD Flash Drive replacements

We have observed a slight increase in number of customers requiring Macbook Air Mid 2013 – Early 2015 SSD Flash Drive replacement due to SSD failure in their Macbook Air. The issue appears to affect a very small number of Macbook Air 13″ Mid 2013. The problem seemed to have occur after MacOS upgrades. After the failed upgrade, partitioning, formatting, disk first aid will not be possible. The disk can be mounted and detected, but data cannot be written on it.

The solution for such SSD failures would be to replace the drive. We have stock for Macbook Air Mid 2013 – Early 2015 SSD and Macbook Pro 13″ Late 2013 – Early 2015 Flash Drive replacements.

The drives are new original Apple PCIe SSDs with Samsung NAND. In previous generations, Samsung NAND performed better and appears to have better longevity than those manufactured with Sandisk NAND.

Installation takes around 15 mins.

Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Retina Trackpad issues

Macbooks from Apple are vastly different from other PC laptops in terms of their design. The Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Retina models feature beautiful trackpads with a layer of glass on top. This implementation, besides being astatically pleasing, allows for smooth scrolling, tapping and a host of finger gestures. However, it is not without its flaws. There has been a host of Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Retina Trackpad issues. Dust and moisture sometimes penetrate the microscopic space between the top layer of glass and the electronic sensing mechanism underneath it. Over time, this causes the trackpad to become insensitive, which results in the loss of the clicking function.

In some Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Retina that we have encountered, trackpads issues appear to cause random cursor clicks and movements. In some scenarios, the trackpad could not detect tapping or clicking. Sometimes typing via the keyboard is affected as well – sometimes the keyboard does not respond to typing and the typing lags.

The loss of clicking function with trackpads is common in the Macbook Pro 13 inch unibody models.

Recently, we have seen a slight increase in the number of Macbook Air and Macbook Pro Retina Trackpad issues particularly in the Macbook Air 13 inch 2013 and later models as well as the Macbook Pro 13 inch and 15 inch 2012 – 2015 models.

Trackpad Issues

Original Macbook Air 13 inch 2013 – 2015 Trackpad

The implementation of Force Touch trackpads in the newer Macbook and Macbook Pro Retina 13 inch and 15 inch that removes the mechanical clicking mechanism with an electronic taptic engine below the trackpad appears to have resolve trackpad issues.

The taptic engine mimics the clicking function by providing haptic feedback to the user fingers whenever clicking is detected.

To resolve the issues mentioned, trackpad replacements are required. At Mac Plus, we provide replacements with genuine original Apple parts, though our repair rates are 30 to 80 percent lower than Apple Authorised Service Providers.

Do contact us at 87817928, or

Apple uses water damaged boards in Apple refurbished devices

We discovered evidence of Apple Authorised Service Providers using water damaged boards in Apple refurbished devices sometime back. We withheld from publishing our findings sooner. We were not sure if the board that was replaced on our customer’s Mac was repaired and supplied by the Apple Authorised Service Provider in Singapore or it is a company practice adopted by Apple in general. It appears that it is a company practice that Apple adopts for devices sent in for repairs and refurbished products that may be put on sale.

We discovered this issue after a NUS student sent in her Macbook Pro Retina 2014 to us. After our diagnosis, we determined that it may be due to a video issue. We advised her to pursue the issue with Apple Singapore to see if they could escalate her issue to the Mac specialist for a free replacement. Her Mac was just out of warranty for about a few months and there were other users with Macbook Pro 15″ with similar video issues. She managed to secure a free logicboard replacement, which to her dismay, failed again after 6 months.

She brought her Macbook to us for a diagnosis again after having a bad experience with the Apple Authorised Service Provider. We were appalled to see water stains – signs of water damage on the board. Apple eventually refused to replace the board as her Mac was repaired for free and does there is no extended warranty.

This issue has been confirmed by Dr Jessa Bethany Jones. She has relationships with people from the famous iFixit company and is a trusted repairer in the independent repair community. Her video detailing what she discovered is shown below.

We feel the need to blog about this as the general public feel that only Apple is ‘qualified’ to repair Apple products. Besides introducing proprietary pentalobe screws to prevent casual users from opening up their iPhones, Apple even tried to prevent independent home button replacements from being performed by locking down iPhones.

Their reasoning is that paying a premium for repairs done by them will ensure that the parts that are replaced will be brand new original parts. This signals to people the impression that that replacements done at Apple will be superior to those repaired at your local quality independent repair shop.

As shown in our findings and the video, this might not always be true. Independent repair shops can be more professional than Apple Authorised Service Providers. Consumers deserve the right to know what they are getting. Unfortunately the right to repair bill has failed in New York, so premiums for repairs done at Apple is here to stay.

In the meantime, do contact us for quality reliable Mac repair needs. We are able to perform component level repairs so that expensive logicboard replacements are not necessary in most cases. We will never replace your logicboard with a water damaged board that has been repaired. Replacement logicboards from us are either brand new or used but have not been repaired in any way.

How to buy genuine new or pre-owned Apple Magsafe chargers from online sellers

Magsafe chargers are notoriously expensive, selling at $108 a pop in Singapore. With frequent use and inadequate care of the wires, the charger either spoils from within, or suffers from tears to the wires. Due to the price of a new charger, many people turn to popular online platforms such as Carousell and are popular platforms for pre-owned or new Magsafe chargers that other people are selling.

We at Mac Plus have done a search for Magsafe chargers at Carousell before and has gotten a good deal for a new Magsafe charger that came with a receipt that was sold to us for $70. However, in our process of searching for a Magsafe charger, we came across some sellers who were definitely selling fake Magsafe chargers but was passing them off as genuine ones. We even encountered one customer who brought her charger to us to test if it was working, only to hear from us that it is a fake. Fake chargers can be bought on Alibaba, Aliexpress and Taobao for $30 or less. Ignore seller ratings. If it touted as brand new but does not come with the packaging or receipt, it is a fake.

Fake Magsafe Charger without extension chord and Packaging

Fake Magsafe Charger without extension chord and packaging. We got this pic off a Chinese website. Websites sometimes display actual photos of authentic chargers. This one looks like one that a Carousell seller is selling.

Fake Magsafe Charger Seller

My customer bought a charger from this seller. Upon our inspection, we have determined it as a fake. It was very light and my customer even said the metal round pin inside dropped out once.


There are countless Youtube videos and blogs detailing the differences between a fake Magsafe Charger and a real one, that can be found here and here. You can do a simple Google search to find out more.

Here, instead of teaching you how to spot a fake charger, we will provide some tips on how to buy a new or pre-owned one from sites such as Carousell without being cheated.

  1. New genuine Apple Magsafe chargers are only sold at Authorised Apple resellers. Apple does not provide any third parties with Magsafe chargers for sale. Their inventory is closely guarded and there is no way any third party can get hold of them. Not anywhere in the world. Not at OWC. Unless you have a friend who has broken into their stores and manages to sell you a stolen one.
  2. It will always be sold at the same price as what the online Apple store in your country charges. In Singapore, it is $108 for all Magsafe chargers. If a brand new charger is sold to you at a huge discount by some sellers online, it is dubious. The common line goes like, “Oh I accidentally bought one and realised my old charger was working all along”. Carousell sellers typically sell new chargers at around $70 – $90. Those unwrapped, but used once or twice goes for $60.
  3. Genuine Apple Magsafe chargers are always sold in a retail packaging with a box. This manner of checking is not foolproof, as triple A grade imitations come with boxes as well. But if it does not come with any box, and the seller claims they are sold at a cheaper rate because they are sold direct from the assembly line, the charger is definitely fake. Genuine chargers are never sold in a OEM packaging.
  4. They come with an extension cable. Knockoffs sometimes do not come with an extension cable. There’s a dubious seller selling brand new Magsafe chargers on Carousell that does not come with any extension cables.
  5. Always meet up with the buyer instead of choosing mail options. Meet up at a place like Starbucks where you can test the charger. If the seller insists on mailing it, the authenticity is dubious. The authenticity of the charger can be verified by point 5 and 6.
  6. The LED on the charging connector that connects to your Macbook always pauses monetarily before turning green. The LED of fake Magsafe chargers will power up instantly when you connect it to the Macbook. Checkout the  Youtube Video here.
  7. Knockoffs are always lighter. If you do not wish to bother yourself with meticulously inspecting the charger based on tips other users have given on Youtube, just feel the weight with your hands. This goes the same for iPhone chargers as well. If you are buying a Magsafe charger, you will probably have the old one that is spoilt. Bring it when you meet up the buyer and have a feel of the weight.
  8. Always ask for the receipt. Ask for the retail packaging box if possible. If the seller claims that the Magsafe does not come with a box because it came as a bundled part of the Macbcook, ask for the receipt of the Macbook.

Here are some links if you wish to know more.

  1. How to Spot A Fake Macbook Magsafe Charger

  2. Compared: Fake vs Genuine Apple Magsafe Chargers

  3. Counterfeit Macbook charger teardown: convincing outside but dangerous inside

  4. Macbook charger teardown: The surprising complexity inside Apple’s power adapter

We do not sell Magsafe chargers. Original ones can be bought from Apple Singapore’s Online store.

Resolve iMac 27″ tilting issue

In 2012, Apple redesigned the iMac with a slimmer form factor. The new iMacs from 2012 onwards have thinners sides which measures only at a few millimetres. While the design is stunning, users have been posting in forums about the iMac 27″ tilting issue and hinge issue. The iMac tilts forward involuntarily after a few months to 24 months of usage. The screen can no longer be adjusted to its normal position.

Given Apple’s supposed track record for durability, the cause for this issue is surprising. Guess what? This tilting issue occurs because Apple used weak plastic L-shaped spacer to secure the spring mechanism!

iMac 27" tilting issue and hinge issue

Some owners of 27″ iMacs who are affected and have dissembled their iMacs to attempt DIY solutions were appalled that Apple used plastic L-shaped spacer to secure the spring mechanism as the entire hinge, the nuts and the spring were made of strong metal. Apple even used an excessive amount of 9 screws on the bottom and 6 screws on side of the hinge to secure it to the iMac to prevent the hinge from dislodging, but used plastic to hold the spring!

The plastic that Apple used does not even appear to be strong ABS plastic. Some users the iMac 27″ tilting issue and hinge issue is a conspiracy by Apple to earn more money for repairs. This issue seems to plague only the 27″ iMac models. The possible reason is because the iMac 27″ hinge needs to bear more weight than the 21.5″ iMac, so the 21.5″ iMac appears unaffected.

Users from Mac Rumours forum have been discussing the issue for sometime. We are able to replace the hinge with a version that has stronger ABS plastic to resolve the iMac 27″ tilting issue and hinge issue. So far, customers have not had issues with the tilting after replacement. Do contact us if your iMac is facing this issue.

This is what can happen to your Mac if you spill water on it

This is what can happen to your Mac if you spill water on it. This is an actual photo of a customer’s MacBook Air logicboard that we are trying to save. The customer who sent it in to us spilled water on his Macbook Air, but was not aware, and continued to use his Macbook Air for weeks.

This is what can happen to your Mac if you spill water on it Water damaged Macbook Air

This is what could happen to your Mac or iPhone if you spill water on it and put in rice for days. Contrary to popular notion, rice does not do much in reviving your water damaged Macbook or iPhone. It might take away some moisture but the water can start to corrode your logicboard. If your Mac can start after a spill, you might be doing some kind of electroplating on your logicboard without realising it can fail to the extent of beyond repair.

Most spills on Macs when sent to us in a timely fashion can be rectified. Don’t turn it on again or you risk short-circuiting it, making repairs harder.

We have successfully repaired almost 100 percent of water damaged Macbook that were sent to us within 1-2 days. Those that were beyond repair were typically because the users continued using them for weeks or months, without realising their Macs were already growing mould.

Do bring your Macbook Pro, Macbook Air for servicing with us as soon as possible after it has come into contact with water or beverages. The success rate depends a lot on the amount of time liquids have been left in the Mac.

Recommendation of Speakers for your Mac – Audioengine A2

Macbook speakers replacement

Audioengine A2

Recently, we have replaced a few Macbook speakers for some customers. The speakers were spoilt due to wear and tear. To avoid Macbook speakers replacement, the best option is to use external desktop speakers for your audio enjoyment. Macbook speakers have smaller domes, which are susceptible to wear and tear. Besides producing better sound, good desktop Macbook speakers also can last for possibly a decade. The Altec Lansing speakers we had lasted for 10 years before it spoilt.

A good pair of speakers that many raved about are the Audioengine A2s. A revised version with a built-in DAC, the A2+ are now being sold instead. The speakers are mid-range multimedia speakers that cross into the audiophile grade. They are encased in glossed MDF wood cabinets, unlike ordinary plastic speakers. They also come with Kevlar woofers and silk-dome tweeters. The RCA and Mini-Jack inputs are gold-plated.

They need a recommended 100 hours of burn-in to sound well, and you need to tweak the setup, such as spacing them equally apart, raising the height to your ear-level, or titling them upwards with speaker stands.

They are available in Gloss White or Black. Comes with 3 years 1-1 exchange warranty. Google for reviews. See for more information.

They are available at Horizon Acoustics at Upper Bukit Timah Road Beauty World Centre and Decibel at Sim Lim Square stock them. Google for their contact details.

Macbook Pro Retina sound distortion

A number of customers have been experiencing Macbook Pro Retina sound distortion issues. Although the Macbook Pro Retina has distinctively louder and better sound speakers resulting in better sound quality, the slimness of the Macbook Pro Retina has resulted in speakers which have slim designs and speaker cones which wear down over time.

Some Apple users have reported that their speakers distort at maximum volume. Our opinion is that any speaker, even the best ones distort at maximum volume, so it is always a good idea not to max out your Mac’s volume. We recommend that you get external speakers for your Mac though. We at Mac Plus use Audio Engine A2+ speakers. They are popular entry level speakers that are popular with Mac users.

Some other recommendations can be found at our founder’s blog at Musings About Life – Sound Category

Macbook Pro Retina speakers typically only spoil after 2 years or more, so most users hoping to get them repaired within the warranty period are out of luck. Macbook Air and iMac speakers do not seem to be affected.

Macbook Pro Retina Sound Distortion

Macbook Pro Retina 15″ Speakers for Mid 2012 – 2014

Pictured above are the speaker replacements for Macbook Pro Retina 15″ Speakers for Mid 2012 – 2015. We have them in stock and they come in a pair. Our stock are sold to us in pairs so we replace both speakers instead of just the affected piece. The speakers go through wear and tear so it is advisable to change both the speakers anyways.

We are able to do Macbook speakers replacements for Macbook Pro Retina 13″ Late 2013 – 2015 models, as well as Macbook Pro 13″ unibody A1278. Contact us for pricing details and stock availability if you are experiencing MacBook Pro Retina sound distortion issues.

Installation takes around 10 mins.

Blog post by a pleasant lady customer detailing her experience with Mac Plus. Thank you for your appraisal!

There are not many reviews of Mac repair services in Singapore. We are therefore pleasantly surprised by a blog post written by an nice lady praising and detailing her experience with repairing her Macbook Air trackpad with us. She is a foreigner working in Singapore and was concerned about finding a reliable Mac repair service as well as finding her way to the place. She decided to choose Mac Plus as her service provider due to the friendly response she got from us which set her mind at ease about us being a rip-off.

Well, before we started our business, we too were concerned about being conned by repair shops so we can understand customers’ concerns. We are glad she find us helpful enough to post a review on her blog. As a small startup we are thankful her support and to every customer that walks through our door. Some customers have asked why do I say us when the only technician they see is me, as if it is a one-man-show-operation. Well, that’s because our partners have not come into the picture, or shown their faces, yet.

We are thankful that foreigners who aren’t sure of their way gets helped. It can be a harrowing experience to find a reliable Mac repair service. Her post is written in March 2015. We are posting the link here since our page has moved to her new location.

It’s written in Chinese.

Here is the link to her post:


See our Facebook: for genuine 5 star reviews! We do not use antics such as like our post and get a discount to generate likes or reviews 🙂