Dispelling the “dunk in rice or blow with hairdyrer to revive Macs or iPhones spilled with liquid” myth

If you have a water damaged Macbook, it is ALWAYS a bad idea to put it into rice. The internet myth is that rice will absorb moisture from your gadget, and you have a chance of getting it working again.

The fact is, leaving your gadget in rice is the same as leaving it out in the open. If fact, leaving it in the open might help with evaporation even better. This method sometimes works because some people get lucky, or the amount of water spilled is minute. The fact is, most of the time, your device is too tightly sealed for water to escape throughly, and leaving it in a close container allows for corrosion to set in.

Water damaged Macbook logicboard

Eww! Corrosion on a Macbook Pro Logicboard.

Using a hair dyer is worse. The air from your dryer usually isn’t strong enough to blow the liquid off the device, especially when the covers are still on. It pushes liquid further into the crevices of the device instead.

If you spill liquid on your Mac, the best thing to do is quickly shut it down using the power button, with the lid open at 90 degrees, invert the Mac and let the keyboard rest on a cloth on the edge of your table if you are not able to send it to a repair shop immediately.

The next thing to do is to contact a reputable repair centre that specialise in repairing liquid damaged Macs.

At Mac Plus we have been able to repair almost all water damaged Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook Retina. There were two which we did not manage to repair as the owners sent in their Macs after leaving the Mac un-repaired for a month. The corrosion was too widespread and invasive.

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