We are crazy enough to rush downtown for a metal rotary tool to unscrew a stuck screw so that you can get your Mac back next day

Call us crazy if you will but we like to think of ourselves as passionate. While doing a routine LCD replacement for our customer today, we encountered an issue that all repairers hate.

A stuck screw.

Sometimes Apple uses screws made of soft metal that are screwed too tight. The screw head gets stripped bare when we use our screwdrivers to turn them and there is no way a regular screwdriver can get it out.

So Edmond rushed down to Chinatown to get a trusty Dremel tool, prepare a vacuum to suck up flying bits of metal dust, cover up the important parts of the Mac and there you go! A deep slit was made on the screw so that it can be unscrewed (with the help of Edmond’s strong-armed Dad) with a flat head screwdriver.

Macbook repairs Macbook LCD replacement

All these were done with the permission of the customer of course.

We are not carpenters or smiths. But we are passionate enough to try all means to repair your Mac.